Beaver District Trophies

Beavers take part in lots of fun and adventurous activities every week within our group colonies and as a District, but from time to time the Beaver do take part in some friendly competitions. Below is a list of the competitions and who the current holders are:

 Competition Trophy Year Group Winner
 District Connect Four Competition  1st
Cubs District Trophies

Cubs love some friendly competition and throughout the year the District put on a number of sporting and challenging competitions for our young people. Below is a list of these competitions and where the trophies are currently held:

 Competition Trophy Year Holder (Group)
District 5-a-side Football 1st
District 5-a-side Football 2nd
District 5-a-side Football 3rd
District Rounders 1st
District Centaur Hike 1st 2018  Great Lyde – Apache Pack
District Centaur Hike 2nd 2018  1st Street – Talbot Pack
District Centaur Hike 3rd 2018  3rd Sparkford
District Camp – Competition Shield 2017
Scouts District Trophies

East Somerset District Scouts run a large number of fun activities and competitions throughout the year. Below are the competitions that the Scouts take part in and which group currently has the trophy.

 Competition Place / Trophy Year Current Holder (Group)
4-a-side Football Competition (League) 1st – League Current Templecombe
4-a-side Football Competition (League) Runner-up – League
Fox Trophy (Competition) Senior Trophy 2017 Fosseway
Fox Trophy (Novice) Junior Trophy 2017 South Petherton
District Camping Competition Banner – 1st 2018 West Coker
District Camping Competition 2nd 2018 St Michaels
District Camping Competition 3rd 2018 Coleford
District Camping Competition 4th 2018 West Coker
District Camping Competition – Novice 1st 2018 Holy Trinity
District Camping Competition – Novice 2nd 2018 East Coker
District Camping Competition – Gate Competition Gate Trophy – 1st
District Camping Competition – Cooking 1st 2018 West Coker
District Camping Competition – Cooking 2nd 2018
District Master Chef 1st (spoon) 2018 West Coker
District Master Chef 2nd place shield 2018 West Coker
7-a-side Football Competition Cup Current West Coker
JAWS – 5-a-side Football Competition Shield 2016 West Coker
District Letter Boxing 1st – Most Stamps – 4 way tie 2016 East Coker, Glastonbury, Great Lyde & Somerton


Explorers District Trophies

Explorer Trophies to be confirmed……..